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When it comes to skin care, using honey sounds more like a DIY recipe rather than something you’d find in a luxury face cream. However, honey is an exceptionally effective skincare ingredient for practically all skin types - here’s why.

Why Use Skin Care Using Honey?

Honey is packed full of enzymes, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals - in short, it’s got a lot of things that are good for your skin in it. It’s got so many unique components that make it effective for all skin types and almost all skin concerns - here’s how skin care using honey as a star ingredient can completely change your skin.

Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles

Honey is packed full of antioxidants, crucial skincare ingredients that help to fight off the signs of ageing. That, combined with the natural levels of lactic acid found in honey is thought to boost collagen production for minimised wrinkles.

Boosts Hydration of Skin

Another major benefit of using honey in skincare is its ability to hydrate skin. Like all good humectants, it attracts water molecules to the skin, pumping it full of water for bounce and glow.

Soothes Red Skin

Honey is incredibly effective at soothing and healing red, irritated skin. It’s crucial for reducing flushing and calming reactive, sensitive skin.

Clears Acne & Dark Spots

One famous benefit of honey is its antimicrobial ability, clearing the skin of any acne-causing bacteria. It’s also effective at reducing the appearance of dark spots left behind by breakouts for clearer, even-toned skin. 

Raw Honey vs. Skin Care Using Honey

The truth is, regular honey, can make a huge mess when applied to the skin - it’s messy, sticky, and drippy. That’s where honey-based skincare comes in; they’re created with all the goodness of honey in luxurious serum and moisturiser formulas.

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