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You’d think that as much as we use our hands, we would take better care of them - right? Here’s the thing: you probably don’t take care of your hands as well as you should. Think about it. When did you last use hand cream to soften and nourish your hands? Here’s why hand cream is a must-have as part of our body care routines!

Stop Skipping Hand Cream

Our hands take a lot of abuse - washing them often, doing the dishes, and who knows what else takes a toll on our hands and nails. However, hand lotion is a savour for anyone who’s hard on their hands!

Hand cream, lotion, hand moisturiser - whatever you want to call it, don’t let your beauty routine go without one anymore.

The best hand creams are formulated with skin-moisturising ingredients and water-based hydration. These two ingredients work in tandem to bring water into the skin and keep it there for better-looking and better-feeling hands and nails.

For day-to-day, a more lightweight hand lotion is better for ensuring your hands don’t feel dry but you don’t leave greasy fingerprints on your keyboard. On the other hand, moisturiser products are intensely nourishing, formulated almost entirely with shea butter to deeply moisturise and protect.

Hand Lotion Tips

If you’re dealing with dry skin on your hands, ensure you have a hand moisturiser within easy reach everywhere you are. Keep one in your bag, at your desk, and in your car for quick moisturisation and relief on the go. Psst - you can get hand creams in beauty sets, so you’ve always got some on hand.

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