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Sunscreen is an essential part of your skin care routine - you can add it to your daily routine by using a day cream with SPF, or using a SPF product on top of your favourite day cream. SPF, sunscreen, sunblock - these are all different names for essentially the same thing. 

Why Use Sunscreen?

Regular SPF use is one of the best ways to fight off the signs of ageing. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate the skin and damage collagen in your skin. Remember, collagen is the structure that gives skin fullness and bounce - it keeps us looking youthful. 

While collagen levels naturally go down over time, excessive sun exposure presses fast forward on this process and can make skin look older than it really is. Not something that many people want!

Using a sunscreen is crucial to preventing sun damage. Signs of skin that’s been damaged by too much sun exposure include premature fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots & pigmentation, and sagging skin. 

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Face Use

Here’s the thing - we know that sunscreens normally have a texture that you don’t want on your face. That’s why we look for suncare that has a texture that you’ll want to use - after all, the best sunscreen for face use is the one that you enjoy wearing. 

Other than texture, there’s one more important thing to look at when it comes to sunblock - SPF. Sunscreen needs to be labelled with SPF (Sun Protection Factor), and it works as an indicator of how long you can stay in the sun without burning. SPF 30 and above is ideal, but SPF 15 is still good too - it blocks up to 93% of UV rays, while SPF 50 blocks closer to 98%.

At Beauty Affairs, we’ve got sun care to protect all skin types from the harmful rays of the sun - shop now!

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